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Christianity – A Real Change

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So far we have spent some time looking at the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God and the local church are intertwined. They cannot be separated. This year I have started almost every sermon with the following statements:-

“I strongly believe that God calls people to Himself, He also calls people into the church, not just the universal church but to congregations.”

For congregations are where:

  • we are called to serve and sacrifice. It is here that we are lights in the world and salt on the earth!
  • we are part of a family and as such learn to love and exercise the fruit and the gifts of the spirit.

It should be the place where we are taught and teach the Word of God.

The Church is God’s Kingdom on earth.

It is set up in the mind, and in the heart of man, that would continue to an eternity.

The Kingdom has a “present reality and future manifestation.”

  • It begins with a spiritual birth, then it works its way throughout our lives.
  • It comes with a kit bag, all that we require to live life- we call it the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit.
  • It comes with an earthly family- the Church- the place where we learn and grow.
  • It begins in the heart of God and works through you!
  • It comes with a relationship.

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